Top 10 Best Bonito Flakes Based On Scores

1. Kaneso Tokuyou Hanakatsuo , Dried Bonito Flakes 3.52 Oz

  • Top quality Bonito Flakes

2. Cat Sushi Thick Cut Bonito Flakes, 0.7 oz

  • PURE BONITO TUNA: Cats love fish; That’s why Cat Sushi is made from 100% pure Japanese bonito tuna.
  • HEALTHY: High in protein, low in fat, and completely natural; Cat Sushi is as healthy as it is delicious.
  • THICK-CUT: Our unique thick-cut flakes are perfect for feeding your kitty a delicious fish treat by hand
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Our human-grade Bonito Flakes are fished, produced, and packaged all in Japan
  • BEST FLAKES: Cat Sushi is packaged and nitrogen flushed on site, ensuring the largest, freshest Bonito Flakes available

3. Kaneso Tokuyou Hanakatsuo , Dried Bonito Flakes 3.52 Ounce (2 Bags)

  • Top quality Bonito Flakes

4. Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Dried Bonito Flakes Treats for Dogs & Cats – All Natural High Protein Flakes – 4oz. / 112g Bag

  • Cat-Man-Doo flakes are larger, moister and have a fresher aroma and appearance than other Bonito flakes
  • Bonito is a bony fish that hails from the tuna family. Cat-Man-Doo bonito is fished wild off the south east coast of Japan in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is used extensively in Japanese cuisine for making a savory broth.
  • The natural fish oils which are found in bonito provide urinary tract health, reduce the buildup of hair balls and will keep your cat or dog’s fur shiny and beautiful.
  • These scrumptious flakes are a healthy daily snack. They can be served just as they are or can be sprinkled atop your pet’s food. Although bonito has been stereotyped as a food for cats, don’t forget that dogs love fish too.
  • You can feel great each time you reward your treasured four-legged family member with Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes.

5. Nishimoto – Dried Shaved Bonito Flakes (5 pack) 0.52 Oz.

  • Katsuobushi is dried bonito flakes, the backbone of much Japanese cooking
  • It is used to make soup stock or add extra flavor
  • This package contains five individual 0.104 Oz. packets
  • Net Wt. 0.52 Oz.

6. Yamahide Hana Katsuo Bonito Flakes, 1 Pound

  • 1lb bag of Yamahide Hana Katsuo Fish Flakes
  • The package dimension of the product is 6″L x 5″W x 4″H
  • The package weight of the product is 1.1 Pounds

7. Eden Bonito Flakes, 1.05 oz, Aged and Dried

  • Eden Foods is a principled natural food company, est. 1968. Healthy soil, long-term organic, non-GMO, skilled growers and handlers; a reliable alternative to commercial food. Uncompromised, pure, most delicious nutrient rich bonito flakes.
  • Fine, sashimi quality skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, prepared using a 500-year-old method.
  • Filleted, steamed, air-dried, aged, and shaved into delicate flakes.
  • Used for for its savory flavor. Common in dashi noodle broth, soups, stews, sauces, and wherever savory flavor is desired.
  • Fat free and very low sodium.

8. Kaneso Tokuyou Hanakatsuo , Dried Bonito Flakes 3.52 Oz – PACK OF 3

  • Top quality Bonito Flakes

9. Extra Large Bonito Flakes Big Value Pack – 3.52 Oz – For Cat, Feline & More – Japanese Premium Gourmet Quality by Unknown

10. Kaneso Tokuyou Hanakatsuo , Dried Bonito Flakes 3.52 Oz – PACK OF 2

  • Top quality Bonito Flakes

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